We all have roller coaster rides or face setbacks when it comes to exercising and training. Most deal with similar hindrances such as skipped workouts, unhealthy eating etc however when setbacks are a result of a life changing injury, illness or surgery it’s a completely different story.


In this episode we speak about exercising and training after going through heart disease, cancer,  crohn’s disease and other injuries. We discuss personal stories of setbacks and successes in returning to the gym after life changing illnesses, injuries and surgeries whilst sharing a few hints, tips and suggestions to help people with similar journeys.


Guests on the episode are Naser Ali and Sean Carr.

BTS team members are Danny Hassan and Sufyaan Shah.



  1. This episode may include explicit content, listener discretion advised.

2. We are not medical professionals. Everything discussed in this episode is personal. If you are suffering from health problems, then please speak to your doctor, a specialist or leading charities (please see below)

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